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Version 3.24 (Olympic Airspace Restrictions)


Links to AIP SUP: 004/2012 and AIC Mauve - Olympic and Paralympic Games Airspace Restrictions added


Version 3.22 (Plan A Route Interactive Map)

skybookGA™ is pleased to announce the latest upgrade to Plan A Route.

  • Interactive Route Plot Map
    • Route planning has just got even easier with the Route Visualizer’s brand new interactive map.
  • Add A Point 
    • The 'Add a Point' function allows you to plot a point simply by clicking on the chart; the route is automatically redrawn when adding a point.
  • NOTAM Reader
    • NOTAM information can be quickly accessed via the interactive map by clicking on a NOTAM to get the NOTAM details popup.
  • Upgraded Zoom
    • The upgraded zoom feature allows quick redrawing of your route when zooming in and out.
  • Scrolling Map
    • Scrolling Map allows you to pan around the map; you can drag the map with your mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and drag in the desired direction.

Click here for a copy of the Quick Start User Guide.


Version 3.21 (Satellite Images)

The Satellite Image Viewer and satellite images updated.



Version 3.20 (Cross browser compatibility)

skybookGA™ is now fully compatible with all major web browsers:

Compatible with all major web browsers
The following browsers have been fully tested:

  • Windows/PC:
    • Safari 4+
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Firefox 3+
    • Google Chrome 2+
  • Mac:
    • Safari 4+
    • Firefox 3+
  • Linux:
    • Firefox 3+

Version 3.10 (skybookGA for Mobiles)

skybookGA for Mobiles

skybookGA™ is pleased to announce the release of an exciting addition to the UK’s premier flight briefing service for GA pilots.
From midday today, wherever you are, you can get instant updates to MET and NOTAM, using the 3G service from mobile operators or any Wi-Fi connection to the internet. To use your iPhone or other PDA, including Blackberry, simply browse to

This first release provides access to:

  • Airfield:
    • METAR
    • TAF
    • NOTAM
  • FIR:
    • NOTAM

Subsequent releases will add more functionality based on user feedback.
Please let us know how you get on with this skybookGA™ mobile service.


Version 3.00 (PLOG / Cross-Browser Improvements)


  • Personal Route feature now includes a PLOG, giving you the ability to calculate fuel burn rates, enter wind information and get/enter en-route freqs.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Personal Route is now fully compatible with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

Version 2.22 (GPS Upload / Cross-Browser Improvements)

GPS Upload

  • Bendix/King Skymap III KMD150 format is now supported.

Local Airfield

  • Last Updated time now identified as UTC.
  • Improved browser compatibility.

Version 2.21 (Members Login Improvements)

Members’ Login

  • Forgotten Password form simplified.
  • Subscription/Renewal forms updated.

Version 2.20 (MAPS, METAR Feed and NOTAM Improvements)


  • Temporary Restricted Areas (TRAs) Map upgraded.

New skybookGA METAR Feed for Google Earth.

  • See live worldwide METAR on Google Earth, updated every 5 minutes.
  • Save to Google Earth My Places and as long as you have a valid subscription you can view live METAR without having to login into skybookGA.


  • Improvements to search filters and formatting of display.

Version 2.19 (Radar Rainfall Improvements)

Radar Rainfall

  • Radar rainfall forecast imagery now available.
  • Radar rainfall imagery for past 24 hours now available.

Version 2.18

NOTAM F & G Fields

  • NOTAM F & G Fields added to all briefs.

Satellite Images

  • Updated look and feel to the satellite image viewer.

Side Toolbar

  • Updated look to side toolbar.

Version 2.17

GPS Upload (BETA Version)

  • Routes can be uploaded to a GPS device.


  • Gusts data now included in the plain language decode.

Danger Areas

  • Search facility now ignores whitespace in search text.

Personal Route

  • Checklist NOTAM filtered out of printed pack.

Version 2.16


  • Temporary Restricted Areas (TRAs) Map upgraded to allow multiple TRAs to be displayed at same location.


Version 2.15

Area Brief

  • An Area Brief was previously available for an airfield ICAO/IATA code.
  • This brief can now be printed for a city/town name, an airfield name, lat/long co-ordinates, a personal location or a postcode.

Version 2.14

Personal Route

  • Upgrade to built up areas map.

Met Charts

  • New interactive map.
  • Mean sea level pressure charts added.

Version 2.13

Personal Route

  • Track, Distance, and Distance-to-go added to the Excel Export.

Version 2.12

Subscription System

  • Gift Voucher purchase system now available. You can now buy skybookGA as a gift for a friend.

Version 2.11


  • Added Temporary Restricted Areas (TRAs) Map under the new Maps button.

Version 2.10

Subscription System

  • Updated the registration and subscription system.

Version 2.09

Personal Route

  • Track and Distance calculations added to the list of waypoints in Personal Route.
  • Minor bugfixes affecting Personal Route.

Version 2.08

Personal Route

  • You can now print your Microsoft Virtual Earth view, resize the view to see more detail and get the exact latitude and longitude coordinates below your mouse pointer.

Version 2.07

Security System

  • A new security system has been added to the website. Users will no longer see the "You are already logged in" message after failing to log out successfully.

Version 2.06

Personal Route

You can now visualise your route in both Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. Once you’ve logged in click the ‘News’ button for more details.


Version 2.05

Personal Route

  • Airfield Frequencies added to printed briefing pack.

Version 2.04

Personal Route

  • Runway Information added to printed briefing pack.
  • Headwind / Crosswind calculations added to briefing pack.
  • If departure or destination is missing MET data, the nearest airfield with MET data is also shown.

Area Brief

  • Date filter added to NOTAM search on Area Brief.

Version 2.01

Personal Route

  • Minor bug-fixes affecting corridor width, personal route set as default page, logoff timer, and printed output.

My Setup

  • Minor bug-fixes affecting user’s choice of default page.

Subscription Process

  • Minor bug-fixes affecting airfield search tool.

Version 2.03

Personal Route

  • Minor bug-fixes affecting PDF printing.

Regional MET

  • Users can now search for SNOWTAMs within the Regional MET page.

Version 2.02

Personal Route

  • Users can now add Waypoints and Visual Reference Points to their routes.
  • Fixed bugs relating to flights which depart from stored personal locations.

Version 2.00

Personal Route

  • Users can now Zoom In and Zoom Out on their plotted route.
  • Users can view areas outside their route on plotted route.
  • Users can add points to their route more easily by clicking directly on the route plot.
  • More information added to route recall page.
  • Searching for NAVAIDs has been improved. Click 'Suggest' to automatically find those NAVAIDs that are closest to the route.


  • Users should still press the Logout button when they wish to logout. But now if they forget to, they are less likely to be locked out of the system.

Version 1.3


  • SNOWTAM can now be filtered to individual countries.

Personal Route

  • Users can now buy more space for stored routes without losing the route they are working on.
  • Corrections made to NOTAM filtering on printed output.
  • Plotted output linked to more up-to-date data.


  • Improvements to NOTAM Page (E-Field filter added. Q-Line display added).

Area Brief

  • Minor corrections to printed output.

Subscription Process

  • Many problems fixed in Subscription process.

Contact Us

  • Users can now use the Contact Us feature to send comments without closing the route they are working on.
  • Fewer restrictions imposed on the characters allowed in User Comments.

Version 1.2

Personal Route

  • Ability to view FIR boundaries on plotted output added.
  • Ability to view route corridor and track/distance measurements on plotted route added.
  • NOTAM can now be seen on route plots.
  • Snow can now be seen on route plots.

Version 1.1

Personal Route

  • Personal route feature rewritten and released to public.
  • Many improvements and corrections to data validation and to printed output.
  • Ability to store routes for later use.
  • Ability to create your own locations improved and released.
  • Ability to export route information to Excel for use on GPS systems.

Danger Areas

  • Filter validation improved.

Subscription System

  • Subscription System enabled to allow users to join.

Weather Page

  • Preliminary work on weather page released to public.


  • Improvements to search filters and formatting of display.

Regional MET Page

  • Ability to create your own MET area to group together MET reports for your region.